About Us

Our Story

Greg and Mer met through the Florida Afterschool Alliance (FASA), the state affiliate of the National Afterschool Association. Meredith is the Region 5 director for the state of Florida and Greg is the board secretary. They soon realized they had a mutual passion for inspiring professionals in the afterschool field.

Meet the Team

We are a passionate group of folks who love afterschool. We acknowledge the difference afterschool directors and staff make in the lives of children and families on a daily basis. We come from all backgrounds, but have found our home in afterschool.

Greg headshot

Greg Snow


As a father of 3 I believe everyone grows through experiences.  I use this philosophy daily in my programs. I have served the afterschool community for over 16 years and I dedicate my time to create outstanding afterschool opportunities through my passion for training. Every member of an afterschool team is an important asset and should be treated like a professional.  I hope to bring a new way of thinking when it comes to afterschool professionals.



Meredith Fraysure


I consider myself relatively new to the afterschool space. I was a classroom teacher for 10 years before moving to Florida 5 years ago. Once I got a taste of afterschool, I never looked back. There is a passion for kids and a passion for learning and exploring. Afterschool professionals are some of the most determined, focused and committed people in the business and I love being a part of it!