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Who's Your Starfish?

Here at Not a Babysitter, we are passionate about one thing...afterschool. We know afterschool programs impact children and families across the globe every day. We believe in the true difference we can make in the lives of children, one at a time.

"The Starfish Story" by Loren Eiseley, published in 1969, has evolved over the years into a parable about the importance of being intentional and passionate about others.

...an old man was walking along the beach and came across a little boy throwing washed up starfish back into the water. The old man watched for a bit as the little boy carefully picked up each the starfish and threw then back in. After a while, the old man, assuming he knew better, told the boy, "You're not really making a difference, they're still going to die, you know that, right? You can stand there all day and it doesn't matter. There's just to many."

Without stopping, the boy picked up another, threw it back into the water, turned to the old man and said, "It mattered to that one."

We all have starfish we have inspired.

Who's yours?